Former Journalists turn Social Media Manager

The idea of Social Media Management is fairly new – specifically in South Africa – if you look at the greater timeline of the it all.

As a former radio news reader and desk editor – the heading of an article by Gill Moodie titled “Former journos find new role in social media management” really caught my eye.

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What makes a good Social Media Manager?

By The mediaZA guys

Being in Social Media Management, we have found that one of the most commonly asked questions when we tell people what we do, we are odten left with a “huh?” expression that we had maybe just explained that apples are in fact giant pillow that are from the planet of newspapers… Yeah, the expression conveys all that. Anyway, we digress. Basically, we often have to follow up our response to the generic “What do you do?” with a lengthy description of what Social Media Management entails and more importantly what is in it for a company or brand to have an online presence on social media.

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How your Brand can leverage the power of other brands on Social Media


As social media marketers and community managers, our main goal is to get our audiences talking and interacting with the brands we represent. We preach a lot about crafting a brand personality by “humanizing” a product or service to actually connect and reach that goal. Social media has indeed evolved as a primary means for more customer-brand interaction and Twitter reports that over half their users follow six or more brands. Good news for us, right?

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