Former Journalists turn Social Media Manager

The idea of Social Media Management is fairly new – specifically in South Africa – if you look at the greater timeline of the it all.

As a former radio news reader and desk editor – the heading of an article by Gill Moodie titled “Former journos find new role in social media management” really caught my eye.

As an agency specific to Social Media Management, we at mediaZA compete with marketing and PR agencies that are branching out into Social Media… But what about being a niche agency that can offer clients a concentrated solution specifically focused on online reputation management through social media platforms? I believe that we offer a great one-on-one relationship with the client and while yes, it may be important to integrate your online marketing strategy across your online presence, what about if you just need a space to chat with your existing and potentially new customers? A one-on-one medium (albeit that it can be viewed by anyone) whereby you LISTEN to what you’re customers are saying and more importantly; you let them know that they have been heard! I don’t believe that that is marketing. To an extent, I don’t believe that it is Public Relations. I believe that it is merely doing what corporations forgot how to do many years ago. And that is to be there for their customers.

In this article that caught my eye, Gill Moodie has a great discussion with Sam Wilson, the Digital Editor for Woolworths SA. In the discussion, Gill highlights key points that I believe denote what social media management should entail and how to make sure that it doesn’t bleed into the realms of bombarding your followers with advertising and press release mumbo-jumbo.

Because Woolworths is such a big company and such a valuable brand, Wilson says that someone has to be on Twitter almost all day to watch the trends and pick up customer complaints that can then be referred to the customer-care department. (And there is indeed someone tasked with doing this.)
“We do always acknowledge (complaints) and say: ‘Sorry, we will look into it’,” Wilson says. “And it’s also really important to thank people because it’s really cool that they speak back. You don’t know what’s going on unless the customer speaks back to you… I’d much rather know you got a squishy avo than you never come back to us.”

So with that said, we pride ourselves on not being an advertising agency with a social media department… But rather an agency that focuses solely on social media management to ensure the online reputation of a company goes from strength-to-strength by doing what companies should be doing… And that, once again, is: LISTENING to what a customer has to say and more importantly; letting them know that they have been heard!

Check out the entire article “Former journos find new role in social media management


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