What makes a good Social Media Manager?

By The mediaZA guys

Being in Social Media Management, we have found that one of the most commonly asked questions when we tell people what we do, we are odten left with a “huh?” expression that we had maybe just explained that apples are in fact giant pillow that are from the planet of newspapers… Yeah, the expression conveys all that. Anyway, we digress. Basically, we often have to follow up our response to the generic “What do you do?” with a lengthy description of what Social Media Management entails and more importantly what is in it for a company or brand to have an online presence on social media.

Image: creativeagentsolutions.com

What many people fail to realise is that yes, they have their own personal Facebook profile where they update their status when they take their dogs for a walk, or when they are irate about not receiving that package that they ordered over a week ago, but there is actually so much more to social media than just a place to catch up with friends, click ‘attending’ on that birthday event, or stalking  that old High School sweetheart to see if they are happy without you…. Social Media is actually oozing with potential for brands and companies to engage with their consumers and offer a common ground for people to share experiences relating to these brands and companies, and in the process of doing so; build an online reputation that results in sales, brand association, brand loyalty, and a network of self-appointed brand ambassadors! And we fail to see how this could be a bad thing? Provided that Social Media Management is done properly and in accordance, that the Social Media Management agency that you appoint to run your companies online reputation knows what it is doing.

In this light, we scoured the internet space for what we believe to be accurate descriptions of what people perceive to be Social Media Management and in fact, what makes a good Social Media Manager.

A short-but-sweet article appearing on the entrepreneur.com gives a great account of the “6 Must-Have Attributes of Social Media Managers

In the article, Mikal E. Belicove writes: “Marketing your product or brand on social media is one of the more pervasive ways people will learn about your business. You don’t want to leave that responsibility in the hands of an amateur — even one that might be conversant in Facebook and Twitter.”

The article goes on to list the must-have attributes of a Social Media Manager as:

1. Naturally curious.

2. Writes conversationally.

3. Operates with a sense of urgency.

4. Understands your business-related goals.

5. Seeks input from others.

6. Respects confidentiality.

For a detailed breakdown of these points, go on over to the original article…


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